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Parking Garages

• Payback period under 12 months in new construction*
• Payback period less than 2 years in retrofits*
• Uniform Illumination of a 20'x20' Area with 9' Mounting Height
• VS Pattern
• PG-2500 provides comparable light output of a 250W metal halide
using only 106 watts (58% energy savings)
• Greater than 60,000 Hours Rated Life to depreciate to 70% of original light
output (L70 – 13.7 years at 12 hr/day)
• Maintenance free for the life of the fixture – no bulbs or
ballasts to replace
• Eliminates costs and downtime associated with maintenance of
conventional lighting
• Available in standard ANSI color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
• Solid State Circuitry
• Compatible with most motion & light sensors
• High quality light source without the glare of metal halide sources
• Even light distribution
• Cycling the fixture ON and OFF does not lower the rated life of the fixture
• Universal input voltage 100-277VAC, 47-63Hz
• Made in the USA
• Five Year Limited Warranty

*Depending upon usage rate and cost/kW-hr

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