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The Advantages of LED Lighting

Energy Savings up to 70% over traditional lighting include:

  • Increased back-up generation capacity
  • Reduced cooling costs
  • Allowing users to install fewer solar panels to power their lighting

Additional benefits include:

  • Much better optical distribution with secondary lensing
  • Ability to control lighting digitally through DMX
  • Use of ambient light sensing on select products to automatically dim lights when adequate ambient light is available
High Output LED Fluorescent Metal Halide (HID) CFL
Useful Life in hours (estimate) 70,000 20,000 10,000 10,000
Beam Angle (in degrees) 10-20 360 >300 >300
Lumens/Watt (light source only) 150 82 110 60
Lumens/Watt (net efficacy) 120 35 55 26
Fully Dimmable Yes Yes No Yes
Color Changing Possible No No No
Contains mercury/hazardous material No Yes Yes Yes
Performs well in cold Yes No No No
Warm up time required
(in minutes)
0 0.5 10 0.5
Bulb hot to touch Warm Warm Yes, >100C Warm
Ultra Violet Level None Low Very High Low